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« It’s rare to find such devotion and sincere love for the music. Franck Laurent-Grandpré has a unique vision and takes on every piece of music he plays.» Eliso Virsaladze 


Franck has taken part in several major international piano competitions including Queen Elizabeth or The Leeds International Piano Competition. 

He is a Semi-finalist of the Marguerite Long Thibaud International Piano Competition, Laureate and City Prize winner of the Lagny International Piano Competition andfinalist of the Busoni International Piano Competition. 

Franck is also invited to open the gala ceremony of the Concours International de Piano Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in 2018, and is a jury of the Lagny International Piano Competition 2019. This same year he is also invited to give the inaugural concert of "Amigdala International Music Competition 2019".


As a rare reprensentative of the pianist-composer tradition, Franck regularly plays his own pieces in concert. For instance his fifty minutes work « Sagrada Familia » is programmed more then twenty times during the year 2018-2019 as well as his first « Salsa Classica » expression of his love for latin music.

" I think there can be no doubt that Franck Laurent Grandpré stole the show with his own amazing Salsa Classica. A truly virstuoso performance that brought the house down" Christopher Axworthy, Concert promotor and music commentary.


In 2019 he is appointed member of the administration board in charge of the musical section of the Assocation of Contemporary Arts based in France, elaborating mixed projects with diverse forms of arts including modeling, designing, painting or dancing. 


Taking part in diversified projects he played on historical insruments at the abbaye de Royaumont in France, in Franck Martin’s Cinderella ballet with the orchestra of the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève and was accompanist and soloist in a tour of fifteen concerts in Romania and Bulgaria with the Lyon’s St John’s choir. In the year 2019-2020 he will also give piano recitals with candles illuminations in architectural monuments.


Franck gives concerts in major venues in Europe including Studio 4 of Brussel in Belgium, Hammerklavier International Piano Series in Barcelona, Salle Gaveau in France, Palermo Winter Festivalin Italy or Birmingham International Piano Festival in England.


Interested by unusual concert places, he played in the streets of Bolzano for Bozen Festival, participated charity concerts for projects introducing music in underprivileged areas (Verramuse association) or for the restauration of the french patrimony (in Ste Foy les Lyon)

It’s only at thirteen years old that Franck started the piano. At sixteen he gots his gold medal at the Lyon Regional Conservatoire with unanimous congratulations and six years later received his first prize unanimously with jury’s congratulations in Denis Pascal’s class at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.


He perfected himself with artists such as Eliso Virsaladze, Jean-Claude Pennetier, Pascal Nemirovski, Epifanio Comis or Georges Pludermacher.

And more occasionally with Maria Joao Pires, Jorge-Luis Prats, Michel Beroff or Sir Andràs Schiff.

"Franck Laurent-Grandpré, plays with the masterful freedom of the improviser, his communication with the audience is extraordinary"

Natalia Trull, 2nd Price Tchaikovsky 1986 – Russia's emerit artist.

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